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What’s Included In Your Dog Walking Service

What’s Included In Your Dog Walking Service

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Pickles Pets offer a dog walking service in Southampton and surrounding areas which has some of the most beautiful open spaces, parks and woodland so you can be assured your dog will receive the exercise and stimulation it needs to express their natural behaviours but most of all having fun.

It may be at a local park, forest or river walk I cater for all dogs needs from gentle plodding to full energetic pace and play, I also like to vary the locations of the walks to provide variety for your dog which will be limited to 6 dogs to ensure personal attention, your dog will then return home clean, happy and tired.

Each walk will be an hour this will not include collection and drop off, all dogs will receive a full hour’s walk and can either be on a one to one basis or in a group which will be no larger than 6 dogs depending on your requirements. If you require longer walks please contact me I would be more than happy to help.

Each visit includes:

» Group or Individual walks.
» Minimum of 1 hour for walks
» Variation of locations for our walks
» Exercise, stimulation and lots of fun
» Email or text updates
» Muddy / Wet dogs towel dried upon return
» Treats and clean water
» Cleaning up of any dog waste
» Administration of any medication if required
» GPS Tracking for Safety & Security

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